Hey! My names Daniel Burke, I'm a Freelance Animator, Illustrator & Director available for hire.

Currently 29 years of age, with over 8 years professional experience and an exceptional passion for design and creativity.

Shortly after graduating with "Best of Show"  from the University of Cumbria graduate exhibition, I was offered the position of designer / animator at the highly reputable Tribal DDB London and had a keen interest in helping grow and develop the animation department there.

A couple years later, I began freelancing for several months before moving into a permanent motion design role at Scorch London in Soho. I took a six month break afterwards to explore South East Asia & South Africa then returned to the freelance world upon my return, working at a number of studios in and around London such as Partizan, Found studio and the Discovery Channel.

To date I have produced work for brands such as Google, Volkswagen, Guinness, Virgin Media, Nike and many more.

I possess a wide range of skills from illustration to 3D animation and feel that my experience has provided me with the necessary skills and qualities to allow me to really excel in the workplace and become a valuable member of any team.

Feel free to give me a shout regarding any work opportunites.